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Briggitte P. Brown, LCSW

Owner of Spirit, Soul & Body Clinical Services Wellness Center

My Story

I am Pastor Briggitte P. Brown. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Owner of Spirit Soul and Body Clinical Services Wellness Center. I specialize in trauma therapy. I provides both clinical and spiritual support to clients. My passion is to support someone's process, hold space for them, so they can overcome the struggles they face. I love working with individuals, couples, teens, and families, who have trauma, depression, anxiety, and life transition barriers in their life.  I am Dominican, and an AfroLatina. I am fluent in English and Spanish and have over 20 years of experience in social work.


Supporting people through their process is personal for me because I was an at-risk teenage mom and have overcome many barriers myself.  As a teen, I was connected to a community health center in Brooklyn, NY, where I had began my own mental health services with the Social Worker. I acknowledge that if it was not for my social worker, Lorna Morris, for helping her find her own voice, help her to begin her healing journey, and helped her to focus on school. was during this period, that I decided to pursue my own educational goals in Social Work.  I desired to work with at-risk youth and support others through their traumas.   


I was a product of having been an at-risk youth and a teenage mom during my adolescent years. I battled with my own mental health issues and had even attempted suicide when I was 15 years old.  


I graduated high school in 1997, and decided to pursue a career in Social work.  I am also a stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer survivor.  In January 2020 I was declared cancer free, after battling cancer, and having completed 6 months of Chemotherapy.  I utilized my faith in God, holistic practices of both Western and Eastern medicine and modalities to heal from cancer. During my healing journey, I began to work on my Spirit, Soul and body and attained a holistic perspective, in order to achieve balance and inner healing. I depended on my strong faith in God, the love of her husband and 6 children, my essential oils, and a variety of physical modalities to heal.  I learned to rewire my brain by using mind and body exercises like yoga and sound healing to calm my nervous system and attain balance. Tools that I still utilize today.   


I am a firm believer that with both Prayer and Therapy, people can overcome their obstacles.  I focus on the Spirit, Soul and Body of a person. I hold space for people to heal. As a stage 4 cancer overcomer I understand the sacredness of allowing people to feel safe, vulnerable and open, so they can release healing into their lives. Both my clinical/spiritual credentials allow me to help me to navigate clients on their own path. As an Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) trained therapist, I support clients in helping to alleviate the stresses and emotional traumas that may have clients stuck in their tracks.  I facilitate inner child healing and use somatic therapy to help guide clients in their healing. I also use narrative therapy and strength based modules, in session to help clients to redefine their pain.

I am passionate about helping clients prioritize self-care to support their healing journey. Stress and helplessness keep us from taking care of ourselves.  I am here to help you put self-care first on your list, and to learn new coping strategies to support your healing journey. When we achieve a level of freedom from our current struggles, our self-esteem and perspective rises, so that we can change our internal environment. I provide an atmosphere that allows you to receive your own healing.


In 2018, I birthed my private practice, Spirit Soul and Body Clinical Services Wellness Center in New Britain, CT.  I am the CEO and my mission is to help staff and clients, to understand that when you focus on the Spirit, Soul and Body, you attain balance. 


I am also an ordained Pastor. I serve alongside my husband, as the Executive Pastor of our church, Right Now Ministries, Inc. in New Britain, CT for the past 18 years. With both  my clinical and spiritual credentials, I am able to help others  navigate their own paths.  I enjoy supporting couples in my practice, and bring a wealth of experience from my own marriage of 23 years.


In addition to my clinical and pastoral work, I am the Podcast host of “Authentically Healing Podcast” with Briggitte P. Brown, LCSW. This podcast is available on  Spotify, Apple, IheartRadio, Amazon Music, Google Podcast, Anchor and on platforms where podcasts are heard. “I wanted to create this space to share my journey with others. My desire is to help people heal in community, from emotional distress, trauma and to help Release negative emotions from their bodies. This is a safe space, where your feelings can be validated. We all have our own separate journeys that we walk. and we all have the same basic need…To belong and be heard.” 

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