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Laiyah Paul, Administrative Assistant

I am a Licensed Esthetician, a devoted mom of two, and a loving wife to an amazing husband. My life is anchored by my faith as a follower of Christ, and my relationship with God holds immense importance in shaping my values and actions.

In my professional life, I've found my passion in the field of Esthetics. Working as a Licensed Esthetician has not only allowed me to pursue a career I love but also serves as a platform to assist individuals in feeling good about themselves and stress the significance of self-care. My ultimate aspiration is to establish my own business in Esthetics, where I can continue to make a positive impact on people's lives.
Beyond my professional endeavors, I cherish any opportunity to expand my knowledge and wisdom across various domains. Whenever I carve out moments for myself, I indulge in reading and relish spending quality time with the people I hold dear.

Looking ahead, I am eager to join the dedicated team at Spirit Soul and Body Clinical Services. The values and mission upheld by the staff deeply resonate with me, especially the focus on supporting individuals as they navigate their personal growth journeys. As a natural empath, I find great fulfillment in assisting and supporting others in any way possible. I believe this innate quality of mine would be a valuable asset in an environment dedicated to helping individuals on their mental health journey.

I am driven by the desire to aid others in connecting with the appropriate therapists and receiving the necessary treatment to enhance their well-being. If given the opportunity to be part of this compassionate team, I am committed to contributing my skills and dedication to further the noble cause of Spirit Soul and Body Clinical Services.

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