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MonaLisa Levy, LMSW

My name is MonaLisa Levy. I share a great interest in traveling various states and countries as well as cherishing moments with family and friends. I've been in the field of social worker for over four years. My interest in this path began during my undergraduate years, where the psychology and sociology courses I had taken shed light on the stigmas of mental health in our society. 


My experience in undergrad helped me develop a passion for social work and wanting to help those struggling with their own battles. I firmly believe in the significance of having a non-judgmental, supportive presence to confide in. These are values I’ve instilled in myself as a social worker. 


My own personal journey has been filled with challenges – juggling full-time work, navigating graduate school during the pandemic, witnessing a traumatic loss and experiencing personal losses within my family. These tribulations have only added to my passion to inspire and empower other individuals. 


While we all face our share of traumatic events, I firmly stand on the belief that these experiences should not define us if we do not want them to. My goal as a therapist is to guide individuals towards a path of empowerment, providing tools to push through adversity and help others find and embrace their fullest potential. I strive to create a safe, positive and supportive atmosphere for individuals who need support with any trauma they are experiencing. Please feel free to contact us at (860) 964-7311 to book a session with her.

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